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Cox Cable Increases Network Internet Speeds
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Cox Cable internet customers got some great news this week as Cox Communications announced that it will significantly increase the speeds of its internet on two of its service packages. Customers who have the Cox High Speed Internet Essential and Cox High Speed Internet Starter packages will see increased speeds immediately. Cox has been investing in their own network, noting that the demands in today’s market are more than they used to be.

“We know this is especially important in today’s world where more and more devices are connected in the home,” Cox Communications Omaha market vice president Kim Rowell said in a press release.

Customers who have the Cox High Speed Internet Essential package will see their 5Mbps speeds increased up to three times to 15Mbps. Those customers who have the Cox High Speed Internet Starter package will see their 1Mbps speeds increase up to five times to 5Mbps, and as mentioned they will see the affects of the change immediately, if not already.

Many customers now have smart phones with Wi-Fi access, tablets or gaming systems that also utilize the internet, so companies like Cox are getting ahead of it by keeping up with network demands. Even the minimal use internet is more stressful on bandwidth than it was five years ago, with how multimedia rich a lot of internet websites are now and the prevalence of things like streaming movie and television services.

For general web browsing, the difference may not be noticeable, but if users dealt with things like slow download times of large files and buffering from streaming high definition video, there should be a substantial change in both areas. Buffering of video should be less, if at all, and downloads of larger files should be noticeably faster going forward, meaning that customers will overall be able to do more online.

To switch to Cox cable internet, visit getcablenow.net to take advantage of the new speeds.

3 Reasons Cable Internet is Better Than DSL
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Consumers aren’t limited to just one kind of internet provider like they used to be, as there are multiple options for internet service providers. You can still choose dial-up if you so desire, but you also have alternatives such as satellite, DSL and cable internet services. You need to make sure to choose the right one to fit your needs, but if you’re not limited to being in a rural area your choices usually come down to dial-up, DSL and cable.
Here are three reasons why cable internet service is a better choice than DSL:

1. You don’t need to be near your provider’s central location to get high speeds. With cable internet service, you get the high speeds no matter where you are from the central location of your internet provider.
2. You do not need a phone line to access the internet. While with DSL you can surf the web and talk on the phone without an interruption, with cable internet you don’t even need a phone line for internet access.
3. Simply put, cable internet is much faster than DSL. In most areas you can get cable internet speed that is up to 20x faster than traditional DSL service, which means you can do virtually anything you can online but much faster. With much faster download and upload speeds, you can upload photos much faster as well as easily stream high quality video without delay.

Sometimes cable internet is not available in very rural areas and can cost more than DSL, you’re clearly getting more bang for your buck over DSL. Make the switch to cable internet by visiting fastcableinternet.com

Satellite Internet and Online Gaming?
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Many people who are considering signing up for satellite internet service ask about online gaming. Does satellite internet technology offer the speed and bandwidth requirements needed to accommodate the data-heavy operations of online games like World of Warcraft, Call of Duty or even XBox Live?

While some satellite internet service providers claim that their service can handle the demands of online gaming, others are more honest about the capabilities of current satellite technology. Walter Cummins of Calera, a Satellite Internet service provider spoke candidly with me about the difficulties of online gaming with satellite internet access. “Some games work fine with satellite internet. People who enjoy playing games on Facebook or basic PC card games like Solitaire will not have a problem. Unfortunately, satellite technology can not consistently meet the demands of more complex “twitch” games right now, but our technology is improving all the time. In a couple years, online gaming capabilities here at Calera will improve considerably to meet the needs of the modern web user.” Cummins went on to say that all satellite internet technology falters when it comes to online gaming, so ISPs who claim that their satellite service works with online gaming are letting “marketing tactics” get in the way of the facts.

Providers to consider when looking at Satellite Internet
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A question I often get from people moving to rural areas that know nothing about internet service in their area is which satellite internet services to consider. With this in mind I created this list of the best providers in my opinion that should be considered before making a decision:

Satellite Informant

Satelliteinformant providers what’s known as Gen4 satellite internet which has greatly improved speeds over the services from previous years. Their internet service via satellite uses a two-way system to simultaneously send and receive data meaning that you can get very fast downloads up to 15mbps and help improve latency. You can learn more about how it works here: http://www.satelliteinformant.com/how


Satellite internet from Skyway is also recommended because they offer speeds comparable to Satellite Informant but they also offer a deal where you can add DIRECTV and save $100.


Advantages of Satellite Internet
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As satellite broadband providers are improving their service and coverage, it’s important to look at how satellite internet has certain advantages over other internet providers. Although cable and DSL options may be faster than what satellite can provide, satellite internet does have a few useful purposes that wired connections can’t necessarily compete with.

Global Coverage

The biggest advantage that satellite internet has is that it is possible to receive internet service in almost any part of the globe. A single satellite in orbit can cover extremely large distances and makes receiving high-speed internet access in rural locals much easier.

Bandwidth availability

With technology increasing and integrating into satellite devices and transponders, connection speeds will continue to increase. Because with newer, high-capacity satellites being launched into orbit on a regular basis, bandwidth available for use is increasing. A few companies are able to provide gigabit speeds over large areas.

Installation and deployment

Installing satellite internet in the home is simple. Set up a satellite dish outside and connect the modem to it and one is online.  There are even mobile dishes that can be taken around and set up at remote locations, giving users high-speed access on the go.


Satellite internet has been able to increase their speeds up 12 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload, which is faster than most DSL packages offered currently. Speeds like that allow for better browsing web pages, downloading photos and streaming video.

Internet Plans Plus: Bundling Home Service
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You probably thought that the cable company had a monopoly on bundling home services. This is definitely not the case when it comes to high speed satellite Internet and the home services bundles you can choose from to meet the needs you have for your home. While cable companies may have been the forerunners when it comes to bundling home services, their plans tend to offer very little choice and to leave customers feeling stuck or taken for a ride.

Satellite Internet and Satellite TV from DIRECTV

Satellite Internet service brings high speed Internet to rural parts of the country. It is the option of choice when cable or DSL has neglected an area. The most popular satellite Internet bundle available is the one that matches rural high speed Internet and DIRECTV. Delivering savings on both services, this bundle is a great option for those who want high quality satellite TV service in addition to their superfast Internet coverage.

Internet and Wireless Home Security

Another Internet bundle that is increasingly popular is the combination of wireless home security and satellite Internet. Crime happens in every single part of the country, including rural areas and homeowners know that home security is a wise investment. Bundling Internet and security together saves users money, while providing the kind of protection and connection to the outside world that people want today.

Internet, DIRECTV and Wireless Home Security

The triple bundle is another exciting option and the one that will bring the biggest savings on all three services. Combine high speed Internet, DIRECTV and wireless home security for a trio of home systems that can’t be beat. With the convenience of one bill, it is easier than ever to keep you bookwork straight every month. Get the connectivity, entertainment and security to make everyone in your household happy with a 3-way bundle plan.

DIRECTV can be bundled with different satellite Internet providers and different home security providers. Unlike bundle plans from the cable companies you have the option to choose the provider that best meets your need, instead of the one they want to put you with. Explore the difference today with Internet plans plus.

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